The Pretty Face Place

Helping you feel pretty in the face of hairloss

Services are designed to reveal . . . An even prettier you!

Janice Webber

Expertise • Artistry • Integrity

I am a nurse licensed with the CT Dept of Public Health. I am also a licensed permanent makeup artist with the CT Department of Public Health. 

My background in home care nursing has provided the foundation from which I have built my 10-year old business, The Pretty Face Place.  

I am also a Certified Recreational Therapist and have a certificate in fine arts.  I enjoy painting in watercolors and have won awards for some of my work.  I also taught watercolor painting at Joanne's. My artistic talent is why my permanent makeup clients have been so pleased with their results. My nursing background is why permanent makeup and wig clients feel confident in my care and more comfortable with me.

 I studied the art of permanent makeup application at The PMT/Permark Corporation in New York City. This school only accepts doctors and nurses in their program.

As far back as I can recall, I have had an interest in art, the beauty industry, make up, hair, the healing professions and a desire to help people. The Pretty Face Place is the culmination of all of my interests, talents and career paths. Whether providing services in hair loss or permanent make up,  I want to help other women feel good about themselves and look their prettiest.  

Services are performed by a medical and licensed healthcare professional in a private, confidential and relaxed office environment. You have complete privacy from arrival through departure. There are no other patrons during your appointment. I want to make your appointment a very positive experience for you and have you feel like you just made a new friend.

"Services are designed to help . . . Reveal an even prettier you"!